SMM Membership

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As a member of SMM, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with Suzuki teachers in Quebec, whether it be by sharing ideas or knowing about organized events.

SMM members are listed in our teacher directory, a valuable resource for families who want to find out about you.

If you have recently moved to Montreal or Quebec, your Suzuki colleagues will be able to help you with your new teaching environment.



Membership in the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) is a pre‑requisite for membership in Suzuki Musique Montréal (SMM). For more information, please contact Maude Durand, President of SMM.

Meetings and Activities

Typically, our activities include 3‑4 meetings per year, collective recitals, 1‑2 workshops per year, as well as the possibility to join forces for group classes and group concerts.
Cello students with Julie Lavoie